Jaipur Luxury Hotels redefining Luxury Tourism

Jaipur as a tourist destination has seen a upwards mobility in the previous few years, and the concept of luxury hotel in Jaipur has seen an expansion.

Whether the old Jaipur luxury hotels or the new age bold hospitality entrants, the bar is being pushed constantly to cater to the increasingly demanding luxury traveller. Gourmet food, comfortable rooms and a host of facilities are now part of the standard package. A luxury hotel in Jaipur is marked by its extra perks.
A glimpse of the past in Heritage luxury hotel in Jaipur

To immerse in the culture and history of India luxury hotels are the perfect getaway. In Jaipur, old castles and villas (known as Havelis) are often converted into heritage properties. These places offer the comforts and style of a luxury hotel in Jaipur coupled with a beautiful glimpse into the lifestyle of yesteryears, an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Counted among the most recognized and loved in India Jaipur hotels have carved a name for themselves. Of course the state’s incredible history of top class hospitality helps the service flow naturally, yet there has been a genuine thrust to promote excellence by respective Jaipur luxury hotels.

And there are business hotels like Wall Street, that offer the class and style of Jaipur luxury hotels at budget prices. Located centrally, close to the business district of Jaipur, Wall Street has been a choice of executives visiting the city. Stay with Wall Street on this Jaipur and rediscover luxury, at very affordable prices!
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