Make this Jaipur visit special by staying in Jaipur Hotels of your choice!

Magnificent palaces, bustling markets, windy gardens, mouth smacking dishes, dances- Jaipur amazes, surprises and overwhelms. A must visit on everyone’s north India itinerary, make sure you don’t miss out on Jaipur.

An epoch of traditions, culture and royalty- Jaipur is a fascinating example of yesteryears juxtaposing perfectly with a modern metropolis and IT centre. The pink blush of the city and the lights Jaipur uniquely compared to other tourism destinations. Know about the top hotels in Jaipur as well as budget options, to plan out your Jaipur visit well!

The best hotels in Jaipur- A glimpse of the past Heritage

Taking cultural tourism a step forward are the Heritage hotels in Jaipur. These hotels are usually hawelis (mansions) converted into 5 star hotels. The high end of the Jaipur hospitality industry, these heritage houses are counted among the top hotels in Jaipur. Soak in an unmatched luxury experience, rejuvenate, and live exactly how royals did many years back.

Budget Hotels in Jaipur for the money conscious traveller

The top hotels in Jaipur and Rajasthan- the heritage palaces and international resorts are part of everyone’s dream travel plan. Often not of reality!

But that doesn’t mean that lodging and boarding should affect your travel plans. You can choose to stay in budget hotels, like Hotel Wall Street, that often provide the services of best hotels in Jaipur at affordable prices.

Hotel Wall Street, located in the heart of the bustling city is an executive hotel that has been catering to business visitors to the city for a long time now. Also, this is a choice of money conscious travellers who are looking for comfort and service provided by best hotels in Jaipur.

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